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Cute Leaf People Fall Craft for Kids.

Getting outside, walking through nature, and noticing the changing colors of the trees is an activity that the whole family can do together.

While you’re on your nature walk, collect some great leaves. Then, use them in a funny, cute, and memorable craft that your family will want to do year after year.

Leaf People Fall Craft

You’ll need just three items for this creative craft:

Real leaves (Try to get colorful leaves from different types of trees.)

Googly eyes with adhesive backing

Black marker

Go out on a nature hike. With your kids, notice the colors of the leaves on the trees and on leaves that have fallen. Collect leaves of different colors and sizes. Try to find leaves from a variety of trees. Kids can notice the shapes of leaves and the trees they come from as they walk and collect leaves. Be sure to grab a lot of leaves so you can also do activities like these leaf rubbings.

Later, pull out a sheet of adhesive back googly eyes. You can use non-adhesive googly eyes and glue to attach them to the leaves, but using the adhesive back type makes this activity super simple and great for all ages. My four year old loved this activity and was able to easily pull the googly eyes from the plastic sheet and place them right on the leaves.

Show your kids how to stick the eyes onto the leaves to create eyes. With the marker, add facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or hair. While you craft, talk about the facial features to help younger ones with naming body parts. Preschool-aged children can discuss emotions and how facial features indicate a person’s emotions.

You’ll want to use dry, but not crumbly leaves for this activity. Leaves that have recently fallen from trees should work well. If your leaves are wet from being outside, use a towel to dry them before sticking the googly eyes on them.

Working on these leaf people is a great way to incorporate fine motor skills into a fun and easy craft. By pulling the googly eyes from its backing sheet, kids will develop and strengthen a pincer grasp while strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the hands. These skills are needed for many tasks including pencil grasp and clothing fasteners.

Sticking the eyes onto the leaves work on eye-hand coordination skills that are necessary for written work and scissor use.Try using this craft to develop fine motor skills in your little one!

Ray had SO much fun with this leaf people fall craft.

And that is it! With just a few materials, you can create a fun and memorable fall tradition that will bring on the laughs!

Have you ever made a fall craft out of leaves? I'd love to hear your ideas!