• oxanaanel

5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Save the Day When Boredom Strikes!

These super fun activities for kids keep them entertained at home without a screen in sight.

They are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house — you just need these sparks of inspiration to get the ideas flowing. From crafts that glow in the dark to activities that get their bodies moving to colorful art projects, keep them entertained at home without resorting to screen time.

First up is my son's favorite Frozen Dinosaur Eggs. Excavating dinosaurs is sure to delight children of all ages. Plus, on a hot day playing with water is so refreshing. Are your children ready to hatch dinosaur eggs?

What’s Needed:

Round Party Balloons

Small Plastic Dinosaurs



1. Place each dinosaur into a balloon.

2. Fill each balloon with water and tie off.

3. Put the balloons into the freezer until frozen.

4. Take out and cut the balloons off the frozen dinosaur eggs.

5. You can let the kids use a turkey baster to squeeze warm water over the eggs to excavate the dinosaurs, or just play with them until the eggs melt and the dinosaurs are free.

The other favorite of ours is DIY soap boat.

What’s Needed:

Rain gutter (found at Lowes in the lumber section)

Bar of soap (found at Dollar store)




Glue gun


1. Cut a triangle out of fabric and glue it to the top of your toothpick.

2. Then stick the toothpick into your soap bar and it’s ready to race.

If your kids are older you can carve the boats and make them more unique.

Pool noodles obstacle course.

What’s Needed:

2 ink pens or pencils

1 pool noodle


1. To make each hurdle push the ink pens into the ground, approximately 1” deep and 18” apart.

2. Place the pool noodle over the top of each pen to create a hurdle.

3. Repeat to make as many hurdles as you wish for your obstacle course.